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Lunch/Bus Information

Lunch Information

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Bus Information

Bus Information

The goal of support services is to provide safe, efficient and appropriate public transportation services for all eligible students. 
Indian Prairie student transportation is administered to provide best practices for safe and efficient services in the most economical manner. The Department of Support Services is responsible for supervising, administering, investigating, and resolving issues with the District’s transportation company.   The District partners with First Student to implement the student transportation and will work together with them to address all concerns.
The District will provide free transportation to and from school for resident students who live (1) A distance of 1.5 miles or more from their assigned schools, or (2) within 1.5 miles of their assigned schools, but for whom walking would constitute a serious hazard due to the vehicular traffic or rail crossings, as determined in accordance with the standards established by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), and for whom adequate public transportation is not available.
Vehicles used by the District or any transportation contractor will meet all federal and state safety standards. Drivers will meet all required federal and state standards for licensing.
Bus schedules and routes are determined by the Office of Support Services in concert with First Student, the District’s transportation company, and will be altered only with the approval and direction of the Office of Support Services. Safety hazards and population density will determine the number and placement of bus stops in a given area. To the extent possible, school bus routes will be restricted to main routes and state- and county-maintained roads. 


The Department of Support Services and First Student reserve the right to make changes to this information as we meet the changing needs of our student population. Please check this site regularly for the updates or contact support services via this website.

Late Bus Information


Metea Valley will be providing a late departure bus program for the upcoming school year. The bus will drop students at the below-listed satellite stops only. Students will advise the driver which stop they need when they sign the driver’s daily roster.

Start Date: August 19, 2019

Departure Schedule: 

 Metea Valley HS  4:30PM/5:30PM  At Door #34/Bus Lot side of Building Monday-Friday 

Route 1: 4:30PM ONLY

Estimated Stop Times:

  1. 4:40 PM- Scott Ln@ Dupage Pky
  2. 4:55 PM- Longwood Elementary School
  3. 5:00 PM- Hill Middle School
  4. 5:15 PM- May Watts Elementary School
  5. 5:20 PM- Cowlishaw Elementary School
  6. 5:25 PM- Longmeadow Dr@ Windrift Dr
  7. 5:30 PM- Still Middle School
  8. 5:50 PM- Frontenac St@ Gregory St
  9. 5:50 PM- Peppertree@ Gregory St (south end)
  10. 5:55 PM- Frontenac St@ Gabrielle LN
  11. 6:00 PM E Commercial Aly@ Plaza Pl
  12. 6:05 PM Young Elementary School

Route 2: 5:30PM ONLY
Estimated Stop Times:
  1. 5:40 PM- Young Elementary School
  2. 5:45 PM- Frontenac St@ Gabrielle LN
  3. 5:50 PM- E Commercial Aly@ Plaza Pl
  4. 5:55 PM- Peppertree@ Gregory St (south end)
  5. 6:00 PM- Frontenac St@ Gregory St
  6. 6:05 PM- Longmeadow Dr@ Windrift Dr
  7. 6:15 PM- Still Middle School

Route 3: 5:30PM ONLY
Estimated Stop Times:
  • 5:45 PM- Scott Ln@ Dupage Pky
  • 5:55 PM- Longwood Elementary School
  • 6:00 PM- Hill Middle School
  • 6:15 PM- May Watts Elementary School
  • 6:20 PM- Cowlishaw Elementary School



    • Available only for students eligible for home/school transportation services
    • Only students involved in supervised after-school activities may ride
    • A Late Permission Form must be filled out by parent and kept on file at school.
    • A student ID is required. Bus passes will not be provided by the coach or advisor
    • Students riding the late bus are subject to the same disciplinary guidelines as students on the regular school to home buses


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