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Physical Education, Health and Driver's Education


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Our Mission

To provide all students the opportunities to achieve life-long wellness through the understanding and appreciation of fitness, introduction to a variety of activities, and the tools to make healthy choices.

Physical Education Overview

All students at Metea Valley will participate in daily physical education with the exception of the semester they are enrolled in health education. Our physical education program is fitness oriented and aims to introduce activities students can participate in throughout their lives. The freshman curriculum will include personal fitness with a classroom and fitness center component, a CPR and AED course with an American Heart Association Certification upon completion, and a variety of team sport activities introducing the basic skills, rules, and strategies of game-play.

The sophomore curriculum will consist of social dance, fitness consumerism, and a variety of team sport activities. The physical education staff is very excited to have this opportunity to build a quality physical education program that positively impacts student

Health Overview

Health is a semester long course within the physical education department that is usually taken sophomore year and is required for graduation. Through our health education program, we believe students receive knowledge and skills that empower them to take charge of their personal wellness. The health educators in the district share a motto, “the ‘Real Test’ is when you walk out the door”. Our students are encouraged to apply what they learn to their lives in order to achieve the best from within and attain the most out of life. Our goal is to arm students with information that is vital to making life-long healthy decisions.

Health class will include the following areas of study:  wellness, stress management, mental health, suicide prevention, coping with loss, aging, death and dying, nutrition, male and female reproductive anatomy and physiology, human growth/development, abstinence, birth control, relationships, sexually transmitted infections, prevention and control of disease, prevention of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug abuse, and injury prevention and safety.

Driver Education Overview

Driver education is a semester long course and graduation requirement. Through classroom instruction and behind-the-wheel experience, students will learn how to operate vehicles safely. Students must successfully pass a minimum of 8 classes during their previous two semesters prior to enrolling in a driver education course. Driver education has two components:

  • The classroom component which must consist of at least 30 hours of classroom instruction.
  • The behind-the-wheel component which must consist of at least six hours of an actual driving experience accompanied by a certified instructor and six hours of observing a peer driver. 
  • In addition to these state requirements, the Secretary of State’s Office requires students to complete an additional 50 hours of driving experience with another licensed driver of at least 21 years of age and have had their license for a minimum of one year.

When a student is enrolled in the Driver Education program, they are required to pay two separate fees.  The first is $20 for the driving permit and the check must be made out to the "Secretary of State."  The second is the district fee of $350 and checks should be made out to "Metea Valley High School."

Graduation Requirements

Physical Education, Health, and Driver Education are all graduation requirements. Physical Education will be taken all four years and Health and Driver Education are typically taken during the Sophomore Year.

For more information, contact Michelle Augustyniak, PE/Health/Dr Ed Department chair at

CPR Information

CPR Information

It may be the most valuable lesson a student can learn: How to save the life of a loved one, teacher or friend by performing the simple steps of CPR.

To register for the class, please fill out the CPR Registration Form


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