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Guidance Department


Guidance Department

Metea Valley High School's Guidance Department is organized on the House system. Essentially, students have a "go to place within the school building where  counselors, dean, social worker and psychologists are located. Counseling services (including academic advising, social/emotional, and counseling, and post secondary planning), attendance, and discipline are conducted through the house.

For additional information, visit The MVHS Guidance Department Website 

General Guidance News


For more information, please contact Darcy Hutzler, Director of Guidance, at or (630) 375-5905.

        Alpha House Staff

        Merit House

        (A through El)
        Counselor A-Ble
        Javier Polavieja
        Counselor Bli-Cr
        Lisa Lassandrello
        Counselor Cu-El  Isaiah Davis     (630)375-3563 
        Social Worker A-Ang Kevin Wynard    (630)375-1522
        Social Worker Anj-Bron Deepak Santhiraj  (630)375-3985
        Social Worker Broo-Cru Lara Polavieja (630)375-3891
        Psychologist  Christine Palumbo (630) 375-3987 
        Jim Klauppauf
        Guidance Secretary
        Barbara Yonkers
        Dean's Secretary
        Kathleen Volk 

        Victory House

        Em through Leu
        Counselor Em-GA Isaiah Davis (630)375-3563  
        Counselor Ge-Jam
        Bob Vozza
        Counselor Jan-Leu
        Tom Daugherty  (630)375-3984
        Social Worker  Em-Leu Kevin Wynard (630)375-1522
        Psychologist Em-Leu Christine Palumbo  (630)375-3987
        Kim McElroy
        Guidance Secretary
        Linda Veitch
        Dean's Secretary
        Kathie Anderson

        Honor House

        Lev through Re
        Counselor Lev-Moo
        Katie Kulak
        Counselor Mop-Pl
        Tammy Kurth
        Counselor Po-Re  Nina McMahon  (630)375-3943 
        Social Worker Lev-Re Deepak Santhiraj  (630)375-3985 
        Psychologist Lisa Matik  (630)375-3986
        David Schumacher
        Guidance Secretary
        Rakhee Raveendran
        Dean's Secretary
        Rosalinda Sosa

        Spirit House

        Ri through Z
        Counselor Ri- Schr  Nina McMahon  (630)375-3943
        Counselor Schu-Tod
        Mark Jager
        Counselor Toe-Z 
        Nicole Liska
        Social Worker Ri-Z Lara Polavieja (630/375-3891  
        Psychologist Lisa Matik  (630)375-3986
        Matthew Walpole
        Guidance Secretary
        Kari Newingham
        Dean's Secretary
        Carinae Pellegrini


        Other Guidance Staff Member

         Director of Guidance  Darcy Hutzler (630)375-5905 
         Secretary, Guidance     Judy Craft  (630)375-5906
         504 Coordinator     Tyler Ruschmeyer  (630)375-5900 ext 4507
         Mental Health Coordinator     Janine Wange  (630)375-8317

                                                                                                                                         Class House Hours:  7:00 am - 3:30 pm



        Community Service

        Community Service

        Community Service is highly valued as a means of expanding and enriching the high school experience. District 204 students are strongly encouraged to seek service opportunities. While community service hours are not recorded on transcripts, students should provide this information to college admissions counselors and scholarship review committees through their application, personal statements/essays, and resumes.

        Looking for volunteer opportunities

        • Talk with your team’s coaches or activity’s sponsors about how to start up a community service project or become involved in an existing project.
        • Check out organizations at Metea such as Key Club and MVStuGO which provide members with opportunities to perform service and develop leadership.

        Share your experiences with college, scholarship committees, and employers:

        • Keep a log of your volunteer activities and hours.
        • Clearly outline your community service activities on a resume or activities list.
          • Include what you have done and the number of hours completed
          • Avoid using abbreviations or acronyms for organizations.
          • Indicate if you’ve held any leadership roles or created a service project.
          • Be prepared to share how your service has impacted others and changed you for the better.

        AP Testing

        Registration Information
        Advanced Placement Exam



        Advanced Placement Students and Parents:  Please carefully read through this page. The Bulletin for AP Students and Parents will be distributed to students who register for exams in December. It is essential that both students and parents understand the registration process and AP testing.

        Online AP Exam Registration Process

        Registration for Spring AP Exams opens on September 23rd. Exam registration is a two part process.

        Part 1: College Board - Log in to your College Board account at Use the Join Code(s) provided by your AP teacher(s) to add each of your 2019-2020 AP courses to your College Board (CB) account, if you have not already done so. In each course, click on “Register for Exam.”Now go on to Part 2--Total Registration. You are not registered for AP exams until you complete both Parts 1 and 2!

        Part 2: Total Registration - You also need to register and pay for each AP exam in Total Registration (TR) through this link: Students must answer all of the required questions on the registration site in order to complete the exam registration process. A confirmation page indicates that the exam registration has been successfully completed in Total Registration. Please print a copy of this confirmation page for your records.

        Important Deadlines

        • Registration Deadline: Friday, November 1st at 11:59 pm
        • Late Registration Period: Saturday, November 2 at 12:01 AM through March 1st at 11:59 pm. Tests ordered during the late registration period will be assessed a late fee of $40 per exam. We CANNOT accept test registration after 3/1/20 regardless of circumstances. This ensures that we have pre-administration materials for each student.
        • Registration not paid by November 1 will be canceled and exams will not be ordered

        Cancellation Policy

        If a student registers for a test and later decides not to take the test, he/she needs to put the cancellation request in writing, have it signed by a parent, and submit the request to Ms. Craft in the College & Career Center.   Refunds of $55.00 per test can be issued if requested by 3:00 p.m. on March 2. 

        No refunds will be issued after 3:00 p.m. March 2. 

        Test Security/Test Administration Policies:

        You are responsible for reading the College Board guidelines regarding the testing environment and standardized testing protocol in the Bulletin for AP Students when it becomes available in December.

        Pre-Administration Information

        Details about room assignments and testing procedures will be shared through AP classes in April. 

        Mrs. Liska and Mr. Polavieja will be available during Mustang30 in the Large Forum Room in F215 on April 22nd to answer questions about AP Testing.

        Preparing for your AP Tests

        Earning College Credit or Placement

        With qualifying AP exam grades, you can earn credit, placement, or both at more than 90% of colleges in the U.S.Individual colleges, grant course credit and placement.For further information go to

        Additional Advanced Placement

        Questions about AP Exams? Contact the teacher for the AP class.

        Question about online registration? Contact Ms. Craft (College & Career Center) or Mrs. Liska (Spirit House) or Mr. Polavieja (Merit House)

        Do you have two AP exams at the same time or a conflicting school function? See Mrs. Liska (Spirit House).

        Do you require testing accommodations? See Mrs. Swanson in Student Services.

        College and Career

        Helpful College-Career Related Websites

        Naviance- Seniors will have access to Naviance, Metea's primary tool for career assessments, college profiles, college visit schedules, a scholarship database, college application tracking, course planning, and more.

        Logging on to Naviance Student:

        •Log-in using full school email address (first name + last 3 letters of last name + last four digits of ID# + and Single Sign-On Password (as of the beginning of the school year).

        •You're advised to change your password for Naviance to one of your choice that you will remember and use for the year.

        •Naviance does not NOT sync with Single Sign-On; Naviance passwords need to be updated separately from SSO. •To change your Naviance password, log-in and click on "Manage My Account" (upper right corner).

        •For a password reset, click on “forgot your password?” A password reset e-mail will be sent to the school or personal e-mail that you’ve associated with your Naviance account.

        Freshman, Sophomore and Juniors- stay tuned for more information about SchooLinks.

        Career Information-Career descriptions, qualities, education and skills needed.

        College Confidential- Discussion forums about college searches, financial aid, testing, etc.

        College Results-Check graduation rates for nearly any four-year college or university.

        Colleges That Change Lives-Based on the book, this site offers more insight into forty schools.

        Illinois Student Assistance Commission - Information on financial aid and scholarships.

        Common Application-College application used by approximately 900 colleges in 2019-20.

        Education Planner-Lots of information about finding, choosing, and paying for college. Available in Spanish.

        First in the Family-Comprehensive information for first generation college students.

        Occupational Outlook Handbook-Employment and job information - includes job descriptions, salaries, majors.

        Peterson's-Includes college searches, financial aid, career planning, test information and student links.

        Princeton Review-Includes college searches, financial aid, career planning, test information and student links.

        Unigo -Several different college resources.

        Work Colleges-Links to the colleges that integrate work and education. Some are TUITION FREE!


        NAIA- National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. Information on NAIA teams and NAIA athletic scholarships.

        NCAA- This is the National Collegiate Athletic Association's website. In includes statistics, divisions listed by sport (Division I, II, and III), athletic schedules and links to the clearinghouse site.

        NCAA Clearinghouse- For college bound DI & DII athletes. This is the site where students register with the clearinghouse; includes initial eligibility and requirements.

        Culturally Specific

        Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities-List of member institutions and HACU programs.

        Hispanic Caucus Institute- Excellent resources for Puerto Rican and Latino students.

        Historically Black Colleges- Listing and links to the 107 Historically Black Colleges and Universities by state and alphabetically.

        Financial Aid/Scholarships

        College Answer- Lots of information about planning and paying for college, owned and operated by Sallie Mae.

        FAFSA- Free application for federal student aid information. Available in Spanish.

        FASTWEB- Free searchable scholarship database.

        Financial Aid- Financial aid, scholarship information and early financial aid estimators.

        Hispanic Scholarship Fund- Scholarship information for Latino students.

        Managing College Costs- Overview of financial aid process, affordable college options, scholarship information, etc.

        Questbridge- Connect low-income students to some highly selective universities as well as scholarship opportunities.

        Virtual College Tours

        Virtual Campus Tours-Virtual tours of college campuses.

        eCampus Tours- Tour campuses using virtual images. Requires registration.

        Four Year Planning

        Four Year Course Planning
        Click here to view and Print a Four Year Planning Worksheet.   
        Graduation Requirements
        English  4 Credits
        Mathematics  3 Credits
        Science   3 Credits
        Social Studies*  2.5 Credits
        PE  3.5 Credits
        Health        .5 credit
        Consumer Education     .5 Credit
        Elective**art, music, world language or career & tech ed  1 Credit   
        Subtotal of Requirements  18 Credits
        Additional Elective Credits  6 Credits
        Total Credits Required  24 Credits
        *Social Studies requirement includes 1 credit of either Honors World History, AP World History. AP Human Geography or  World Geography, and 1 credit of US History, AP US History, American Society or American Studies, and 1 semester of Government.   All students must pass the State and Federal Constitution Exam.*
        **State graduation requirement is 1 credit (2 semesters) chosen from music, art, world language, or career and technical education**
        Minimum Public University Requirements

        4 years of English

        3 years of Math (through Algebra II)

        3 years of Lab Science

        3 years of Social Science

        2 years of World Lauguage, Music, Fine Arts or Vocational Education 

        NOTE:  College admission requirements will vary.  Please contact specific colleges for their requirements.


        ACT - ACT date and deadlines, registration, sample tests, additional test scores report requests.

        College Board - SAT dates and deadlines, registration, sample test questions and score report requests.

        Test Optional Colleges - Lists all test scores optional colleges and universities.

        Top Scholars

        Metea Valley Top Scholars

        Class of 2021

        Class of 2020

        Class of 2019 

        Class of 2018

        College Visits

        College Representative Visits to Metea Valley are publicized on the hallway TV's, in the College and Career Center, on Metea Media and can be viewed on Naviance by seniors. 

        The visit calendar is updated as new visits are scheduled. 

        Seniors: To access Naviance Student, visit the Naviance website:

        •Log-in using full school email address (first name + last 3 letters of last name + last four digits of ID# + and Single Sign-On Password. Use Password recovery feature, if needed.

        College Visit Procedure

        • Attending a collge visit during a class? Please sign up in the College and Career Center and pick up a teacher permission slip at least 24 hours in advance. Bring the signed teacher permission slip with you to the visit.
        • Attending a college visit during Lunch or ACCESS? Sign up 24 hours in advance in the College and Career Center and bring your student ID card to the college visit.


        Scholarship Information

        All scholarship opportunities that are sent to Metea are publicized through our postsecondary planning tool -Naviance Student

        Please check the scholarship list frequently. It is updated as we are made aware of scholarships. The winter months are typically when many of the scholarship opportunities come out.

        Seniors: To access Naviance Student

        •Log-in using full school email address (first name + last 3 letters of last name + last four digits of ID# + and Single Sign-On Password (as beginning of the school year)

        •You're advised to change your password for Naviance to one of your choice that you will remember and use for the year.

        •Naviance does not NOT sync with Single Sign-On; Naviance passwords need to be updated separately from SSO.

        •To change your Naviance password, log-in and click on "Manage My Account" (upper right corner).

        •For a password reset, click on “forgot your password?” A password reset e-mail will be sent to the school or personal e-mail that you’ve associated with your Naviance account.

        Metea Unified Scholarship Application

        Over $20,000 in scholarships exclusively for MVHS seniors

        Apply to any of the scholarships using one application at

        Please check in late February for information on how to apply for these scholarships 

        Elective Fair

        Explore Electives offered at Metea on December 10, 2019


        Elective Fair Overview

        Electives Offered at MVHS

        LMC Map of Elective Fair 


        eSchoolPlus Destiny Naviance Helpful Links for Students

        Commonly Accessed Links and Info for Students, Parents and Community