Metea Valley High School

Indian Prairie School District 204

MVHS Staff Listing

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PrincipalDr Darrell Echols(630)
Principal, AssistantLaurie James-Schrader(630)
Principal, AssistantQuynh Harvey(630)
Principal, AssistantKimberly Maloney(630)
Secretary, PrincipalJudy Johnson(630)
Secretary, Financial SecretaryCathy Ellison(630)
Secretary, Assistant PrincipalAurelie Williams(630)
ReceptionistLynn Korkowski(630)375- 5900 ext
Copy ClerkDiane Udvare(630)375-5900 ext
Athletic DirectorDaniel DeBruycker(630)
Secretary, Athletic DirectorShari Olsen(630)
Business/Technology & Engineering/FACS Department ChairKathy Wonsowski(630)
Business TeacherPat Brusveen(630) 375-5900 ext.
Business TeacherLacy Bugielski(630) 375-5900 ext.
Business TeacherAndrea Hallam(630)375-5900 ext.
Business TeacherAndrew Ludwig(630)375-5900 ext.
Business TeacherPatricia Marszalek(630)375-5900 ext.
Business TeacherBrian Smith(630)375-5900 ext.
Business TeacherBrendan Tagler(630) 375-5900
Technology and Engineering TeacherThomas Mirus(630) 375-5900 ext.
Technology and Engineering TeacherJeff Schey(630) 375-5900 ext.
Technology and Engineering TeacherNathan Wedam(630) 375-5900
Technology and Engineering TeacherAdam Zankowski(630)375-5900 ext
FACS TeacherKara Connolly(630) 375-5900 ext.
FACS TeacherSara Gomez(630) 375-5900 ext.
FACS TeacherSally O'Rourke(630) 375-5900 ext.
FACS TeacherKatarzyna Patrick(630) 375-5900 ext.
FACS TeacherSavannah Schofield(630)375-5900 ext
TV TeacherBrent Bloem(630) 375-5900 ext.
Cafeteria ManagerAngie Velasquez(630) 375-5900 ext
Facility ManagerGerardo Nunez(630) 375-5900 ext.
Dean- House of 2021Jennifer Reyes(630)
Dean- House of 2020Jennifer Rowe(630)
Dean - House of 2019Matthew Walpole(630)
Dean - House of 2018James Klappauf(630)
Secretary Dean - House of 2021Kathie Anderson(630)
Secretary, Dean- House of 2020Rosalinda Sosa(630)
Secretary, Dean- House of 2019Bunny Brown(630)
Secretary, Dean- House of 2018Michelle Carter(630)
English Department ChairDiane Tancredi(630)
English TeacherKaren Aigner(630) 375 -5900 ext.
English TeacherEric Anerino(630) 375-5900 ext.
English TeacherRachel Bostick(630) 375-5900 ext.
English TeacherCheryl Brand(630)375-5900
English TeacherMegan Cherne (Zylka)(630)375-5900 ext.
English TeacherBrittany Chen(630) 375-5900 ext.
English TeacherTimothy Credille(630) 375-5900 ext.
English TeacherKristen DiGiorgio(630) 375-5900 ext.
English TeacherTiffany Gervasio(630) 375-5900 ext.
English TeacherErin Kulinski(630)375-5900 ext
English TeacherSean McCurtain(630) 375-5900 ext.
English TeacherDiane Meyer(630)375-5900 ext
English TeacherAdam Page(630) 375-5900 ext.
English TeacherMara Porada(630) 375-5900 ext
English TeacherMark Simon(630) 375-5900 ext.
English TeacherCasey Solgos(630) 375-5900 ext.
English TeacherRobert Tesmond(630)375-5900 ext.
English TeacherJessica Thomas(630) 375-5900 ext.
English TeacherRebecca Walker(630) 375-5900 ext.
English TeacherRobyn West(630) 375-5900
Reading SpecialistAnn Cluxton(630) 375-5900 ext.
Reading SpecialistKristen Mansmith(630) 375-5900 ext.
Fine Arts Department ChairDon Devany(630)
Art TeacherKarly Olson(630) 375-5900 ext.
Art TeacherKatie Novorolsky(630) 375-5900 ext.
Art TeacherKathryn Parenti(630) 375-5900 ext.
Art TeacherKaren Popovich(630) 375- 5900 ext.
Art TeacherBruyn Yunk(630)375-5900 ext
Music Teacher - ChoirNathan Bramstedt(630) 375-5900 ext.
Music Teacher - ChoirPaulette Boddy(630) 375-5900 ext.
Music Teacher - Band/OrchestraClaire Fenton(630)375-5900 ext.
Music Teacher - OrchestraMark Liu(630) 375-5900 ext.
Music Teacher- OrchestraMichael Naughton(630)375-5900 ext.
Music Teacher - OrchestraRobin Sackschewsky(630) 375-5900 ext.
Music Teacher- BandJosh Kaminsky(630) 375-5900 ext.
Music Teacher - BandGlen Schneider(630) 375- 5900 ext.
AccompanistMelinda Arnold(630)
Guidance DirectorDarcy Hutzler(630)
Director of Guidance SecretaryJudy Craft(630)
Guidance Counselor - House of 2021 (A-La)Bob Vozza(630)
Guidance Counselor- House of 2021(Le-Z)Amanda Pyzik(630)
Guidance Counselor - House of 2020 (A-Le)Katie Kulak(630)
Guidance Counselor-House of 2020 (Li-Z)Tom Daugherty(630)
Guidance Counselor-House of 2019 (A-Kn)Mark Jager(630)
Guidance Counselor - House of 2019(Ko-Z)Nicole Liska(630) 375-5900 ext.
Guidance Counselor - House of 2018 (A-La)Javier Polavieja(630)
Guidance Counselor-House of 2018 (Ko-Z)Lisa Lassandrello(630)
Social WorkerLara Polavieja(630)
Social WorkerKevin Wynard(630)
Social WorkerDeepak Santhiraj(630)
Guidance Secretary- House of 2021Linda Veitch(630)
Guidance Secretary- House of 2020Charlyn Scott(630)
Guidance Secretary- House of 2019Kari Newingham(630)
Guidance Secretary- House of 2018Barbara Yonkers(630)
Technology CoordinatorTania Moneim(630)
Lead Systems AdministratorJean Brunker(630)
System Support SpecialistMarco Gutierrez(630)
System Support SpecialistJose Murillo(630)
LMC DirectorDebbie Turner(630)
LMC AssistantMary Lynne Stoller(630) 375-5900 ext.
LMC AssistantJanet Wolverton(630) 375-5900 ext.
LMC AssistantAnne Vosmik(630)375-5900 ext
Math Department ChairJacqueline Palmquist(630)
Math TeacherJeremy Dombro(630) 375-5900 ext.
Math TeacherPatrick Fox(630) 375-5900 ext.
Math TeacherKelsey Gacek(630)375-5900 ext
Math TeacherDiane Hendrix(630) 375-5900 ext.
Math TeacherMichelle Honeysett(630)375-5900 ext.
Math TeacherNatalie Johnson(630) 375-5900 ext.
Math TeacherRob Jordan(630) 375-5900 ext.
Math TeacherKristen Kalivas(630) 375-5900 ext.
Math TeacherDeb Kimminau(630)375-5900 ext.
Math TeacherMichael Krcatovich(630)375-5900 ext.
Math TeacherAnn Liakas(630) 375-5900 ext.
Math TeacherJennifer Mayerik(630)375-5900 ext
Math TeacherChristopher Moye(630) 375-5900 ext.
Math TeacherLeslie Penkala(630) 375-5900 ext.
Math TeacherSue Pickett(630) 375-5900 ext
Math TeacherJohn Riddle(630) 375-5900 ext.
Math TeacherTimothy Robaczewski(630) 375- 5900 ext.
Math TeacherAlyssa Schneider(630) 375 -5900 ext
Math TeacherKim Weiersheuser(630) 375-5900 ext.
Math TeacherChristopher Whaley(630) 375-5900 ext.
Math TeacherZhiwen Zhang(630)375-5900 ext
Student Services TeacherLiz Main(630) 375-5900 ext.
NurseDonna Biere(630)
NurseBarbara Smith(630) 375-5900 ext
Nurse- Office AssistantSue Komarynsky(630)
PE Department ChairCraig Tomczak(630)
Health TeacherAshley Abruscato(630) 375-5900 ext.
Health TeacherAshley Hartke(630) 375-5900 ext.
Health TeacherMeredith Jordan(630) 375-5900 ext.
Health TeacherLauren Reineking(630) 375-5900 ext.
PE TeacherAmanda Briggs(630) 375-5900 ext
PE TeacherJustin Cronin(630) 375-5900 ext.
PE TeacherChristy Damon(630) 375-5900 ext.
PE TeacherGerald Doromal(630) 375-5900 ext.
PE TeacherMatt Fehrmann(630)375-5900 ext.
PE TeacherBen Kleinhans(630)375-5900 ext.
PE TeacherRuss Lorenz(630)357-5900 ext.
PE TeacherDave MacDonald(630)375-5900 ext.
PE TeacherMelissa Maher(630)375-5900 ext.
PE TeacherJenny Oas(630)375-5900
PE TeacherScott Opels(630)375-5900 ext
PE Teacher(630) 375-5900 ext.
PE TeacherCedric Williams(630) 375-5900 ext.
PE TeacherRob Woolwine(630) 375-5900 ext.
Drivers Ed TeacherCarla Griffin(630) 375-5900 ext.
Drivers Ed TeacherJames Short(630) 375-5900 ext.
Drivers Ed TeacherClaudio Torres(630) 375-5900 ext.
OfficerOfficer Troy Kern(630)
Science Department ChairMatt Long(630) 375-
Science TeacherJohn Aister(630) 375-5900 ext.
Science TeacherAtiqa Ali-Ghori(630) 375-3300 ext.
Science TeacherPascale Bert(630)375-5900 ext
Science TeacherLisa Braheny(630) 375-5900 ext.
Science TeacherWeston Brzykcy(630) 375-5900 ext.
Science TeacherKelly Carr(630) 375-5900 ext
Science TeacherHope Conway(630) 375-5900 ext.
Science TeacherMichelle Corlew(630) 375-5900 ext.
Science TeacherNicole DeSalvo(630) 375-5900 ext.
Science TeacherScott Headley(630) 375-5900 ext.
Science TeacherPatricia Hoffert(630) 375-5900 ext.
Science TeacherRodney Knowlton(630) 375-5900 ext.
Science TeacherTim Molloy(630) 375-5900 ext.
Science TeacherJonathan Ogrodnik(630) 375-5900 ext.
Science TeacherJeremy Palgen(630)375-5900
Science TeacherAnthony Romeo(630)375-5900
Science TeacherJeff Schmela(630) 375-5900 ext.
Science TeacherKiel Smith(630)375-5900 ext.
Science TeacherMargaret Stokes(630) 375-5900 ext.
Science TeacherStephanie Stout(630) 375-5900 ext.
Science TeacherMelissa Turner(630) 375-5900 ext.
Science TeacherKatie Wyss(630)375-5900 ext
Social Studies Department ChairDonald Pankuch(630)
Social Studies DepartmentSierra DiMonte(630)375-5900 ext
Social Studies TeacherSusan Fuhrer(630) 375-5900 ext.
Social Studies TeacherScott Gregory(630) 375-5900 ext.
Social Studies TeacherChristopher LeRoy(630) 375-5900 ext.
Social Studies TeacherAaron Lewis(630) 375-5900 ext.
Social Studies TeacherDave Luedtke(630) 375-5900 ext.
Social Studies TeacherMatthew Main(630) 375-5900
Social Studies TeacherErin Matus(630) 375-5900 ext.
Social Studies TeacherElizabeth Molla(630) 375-5900 ext.
Social Studies TeacherSydney Neukirch(630) 375-5900 ext.
Social Studies TeacherMichael O'Neill(630)375-5900
Social Studies TeacherJoshua Robinson(630) 375-5900 ext.
Social Studies TeacherBridget Shrode(630)375-5900 ext.
Social Studies TeacherAmanda Squires(630) 375-5900 ext.
Social Studies TeacherJason Wargo(630) 375-5900 ext.
Social Studies TeacherHeather Weisenburger(630) 375-5900 ext.
Social Studies TeacherMary Anne Zears(630) 375-5900 ext.
Social Studies ELL TeacherMelissa Martinez(630)375-5900 ext
Special Education Department ChairErin Davis(630)
Building 504 CoordinatorDavid Schumacher(630) 375-5900 ext.
Special Education TeacherStephanie Banahan(630) 375-5900 ext.
Special Education TeacherSarah Bathan(630)375-8853 ext
Special Education TeacherRachael Blanton(630)375-5900 ext.
Special Education TeacherEmily Boynton(630) 375-5900 ext.
Special Education TeacherTyler Castro(630)375-5900 ext
Special Eduation TeacherRobert Corradetti(630) 375-5900 ext
Special Education TeacherJennifer Fiduccia(630) 375-5900 ext
Special Education TeacherKevin Garbis(630)375-5900 ext
Special Education TeacherCheryl Gibson(630) 375-5900 ext.
Special Education TeacherMeagan Johnson(630)375- 5900 ext
Special Education TeacherAngela Kellogg(630) 375-5900 ext.
Special Education TeacherAndrea Lawler(630) 375-5900 ext.
Special Education TeacherMeghan Manley(630)375-5900 ext.
Special Education TeacherColleen O'Donnell(630) 375-5900 ext.
Special Education TeacherKim Pehlke(630)375-5900 ext.
Special Education TeacherTyler Ruschmeyer(630) 375-5900 ext
Special Education TeacherPaul Slager(630)375-5900 ext.
Special Education TeacherErin Swanson(630) 375-5900
Special Education TeacherAngela Williams(630) 375-5900 ext.
Special Education TeacherMatthew Wolski(630)375-5900
Special Education TeacherChrista Wunderlich(630)
Special Education TeacherCarrie Wrona(630) 375-5900 ext.
Special Education SecretarySharon Signor(630)
Speech/Language PathologistLaura Adeli(630)375-5900 ext.
Speech/Language PathologistMeredith Galos(630)
School PsychologistJanine Wange(630) 375-5900 ext.
School PsychologistJordan Poll(630)375- 5900 ext
Vocational CoordinatorSarah Stoodley(630)
Hearing ItinerantKaty Cook(630) 375-5900 ext
Vision ItinerantJenna Sticken(630)375-5900 ext
World Language/ELL Department ChairGabriel Medina(630)
World Language TeacherBrandi Bane(630) 375-5900 ext.
World Language TeacherRachel Cheng(630) 375-5900 ext.
World Language TeacherKatherine Edmundson(630)375-5900 ext
World Language TeacherAmy Elftmann(630)375-5900 ext
World Language TeacherTye Fox(630) 375-5900 ext.
World Language TeacherJulia Graney(630) 375-5900 ext
World Language TeacherElizabeth Hagen(630) 375-5900 ext.
World Language TeacherHeather Hankes(630) 375-5900 ext.
World Language TeacherAgustin Hernandez(630)375-5900
World Language TeacherJennifer Lingon(630) 375-5900 ext.
World Language TeacherMihaiela Muresan(630) 375-5900 ext.
World Language TeacherGabriela Serrano(630) 375- 5900 ext
World Language TeacherTom Womack(630) 375-5900 ext.
ELL TeacherAtiqa Ali-Ghori(630) 375-5900 ext.
ELL TeacherMelissa Martinez(630)375-5900 ext
ELL TeacherSue Povilonis(630) 375-5900 ext.
ELL TeacherVickie Ream(630) 375-5900 ext.
American Sign Language TeacherCarmine Vozzolo(630)375-5900
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Principal: Dr. Darrell Echols

1801 North Eola Road (map)
Aurora, IL 60502

Office Phone:

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Attendance Hotline:
630.375.5900 (then press 3)

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